Offer limited water. Save money. This consistent is needed for rooting and sprouting. If you purchase or receive a kit, there are usually directions that can guide you in planting the bulb. You are being shipped a dormant bulb. 1. If you must delay planting, store in a cool place, 40°F to 50°F. Shop for Amaryllis Kits at Includes a top quality re-useable German made ceramic planter. Brighten your home with the blooming of your very own amaryllis bulbs. The next part of the amaryllis care instructions are the most time-consuming. Outdoor Plant Care/Planting Instructions: Hippeastrum (Amaryllis) is a tender bulb and needs to be planted in pots indoors throughout most of North America. Amaryllis Planting and Care Buy top-quality bulbs from a trusted supplier. You also will need to water the plant about twice a week. + Annual planting and flowering cycle of the Amaryllis for the Holidays. Plant bulb without undue delay. I’ve grown them on … Using a pot only a little bigger than the bulb, cover two thirds of the bulb with general purpose compost, leaving the upper third uncovered. About the top third of the bulb should be left exposed above the soil level, leaving room in the pot for watering. If you are planting several bulbs in one container they can be planted about an inch apart. The amaryllis bulbs that come in a kit tend to bloom within 4-6 weeks of planting. Amaryllis have long stems and big flowers. Amaryllis Planter Grow Kit White Flower with Red Pot - Garden State Bulb. $39.95. Make sure that at least 1/3 of the bulb is sticking out of the surface of the soil. Jumbo amaryllis bulbs available in exotic amaryllis bulb varieties. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. Amaryllis bulbs for sale in unique flower colors and shapes. After an Amaryllis bulb blooms, remove the old flowers and continue to water and fertilize the plant until the following fall when it will need to go dormant for about 8 to 10 weeks. Plant the bulbs in the second half of October or when temperatures will remain 70-80 degrees (F) for the next three weeks. Drop grow mix (coco disk) in container; slowly add 2.5 cups of warm water (20 fl. ... Amaryllis Planter Grow Kit Cream/Red - Garden State Bulb. Plant your amaryllis bulbs between six and eight weeks before you’d like them to bloom. Step 1. They are a favorite gift plant because they add reliable beauty when grown in containers. As for growing, I think the best way to grow amaryllis is in potting soil. The premium Dutch amaryllis can take 10-12+ weeks to bloom, depending on the variety. Find a pot at least 2” larger than the diameter of the bulb and bury the bottom 2/3 in potting soil. Hippeastrum (commonly known as amaryllis) are popular for their indoor holiday color and are … Other than that, be sure you keep the plant out of harm’s way and out of direct sunlight during long portions of the day. You can thin out a bed of amaryllis from time to time, and dig up plants that are growing where you don't want them. A surefire source of vibrant color, Amaryllis bulbs are easy-to-grow, and mesmerizing to watch, as they seem to bloom overnight. Shop Target for Grow Kits you will love at great low prices. The container may be clay, ceramic or plastic, but should have drainage holes in the bottom. Kit comes with everything one needs to grow this exotic plant. Stir mixture to aerate and drain if necessary. Growing amaryllis bulbs indoors can be an easy, fun way to bring the outdoors inside during the winter months. You will receive a fresh, healthy bulb that is ready to start growing - you only need to follow the simple instructions; plant the bulb, add water, warmth and sunshine, then sit back and watch it grow! Think of them as a tender garden plant, not a house plant, and treat them much as you would a precious pot of freesia or non-hardy agapanthus. They should be firm and dry, with no dark spots. If you've ordered Amaryllis Bulbs only, choose a heavy, standard size flower pot, so the large bulb … If the bulb is planted … Amaryllis bulbs are large but you will only need the container to be slightly larger than the bulb. These indoor forcing flowers are easy to plant and full of charm, adding a fresh touch to your space. A heavy pot with a wide base will help the plant stay upright. After three weeks, temperatures can be slightly lower. Plant the bulb in good, well-drained potting mix. Choose a pot that is about 2” wider than the bulb. To get the longest bloom time out of amaryllis bulbs purchase amaryllis bulbs that are sold as a kit and some of the premium Dutch amaryllis. Sharing tips on how to grow Amaryllis Bulbs in soil, pebbles or over water and what to do with the bulbs after the flowers have stopped blooming. Set the bulb atop the soil, filling in with soil around the bulb to maintain its position. To grow indoors as a house plant proceed as follows: Expand the soil block which comes with the kit, following the included directions, then fill about half the pot with the medium. After the initial soaking, water very sparingly, as the bulb doesn't require more moisture until there is growth to support (keep the soil barely moist until you begin to see leaves). or 0.6 liter). Plant the bulb, or place the potted bulb in a warm place with direct light since heat is necessary for the development of the stems. Contains: 1 Pre-Planted Amaryllis Gift Botanical Name: Hippeastrum Snow Drift Exposure: Bright Light Indoors Hardiness: Zones 9 … Never expose bulb to temperatures below freezing (0°C or 32°F). Live better. Amaryllis bulbs like room temperatures, and exposure to sunshine will keep them shorter. While these bulbs can grow without any water or soil if they're waxed, planting them in a pot is one way to get them to flower year after year. Plant the bulbs about 8 to 12 inches apart and water well, soaking the soil so that it settles around the bulb. The ideal temperature is 68 to 70 degrees F. Water sparingly until the stem appears, then, as the bud and leaves appear, gradually water more. You can work some bone meal into the planting hole before placing the bulb in it. Tip. Unless you're planting in a row to line a walk or create a garden border, place bulbs in more of a non-pattern to create a nature-did-it look. ‘Athene’ is a single pure white amaryllis with a yellow-green throat and lightly frilled edges. Placement and Watering. "Red Lion" is a large flowering amaryllis with gorgeous solid red flowers. I live in Zone 8 which means I can plant the amaryllis bulb into the ground when spring comes and it can stay out all year long where it'll be the happiest. To plant, first remove any dead, dried-out roots, then soak the fleshy roots for 1 hour. Choose a potting soil which drains well. Amaryllis Snow Drift Gift in a Square Planter - Free Shipping. Easy to grow. The coir in an amaryllis bulb kit isn’t worth using in my opinion. While a single bulb can produce several huge … Plant Amaryllis ‘Picotee’ bulbs 10-12 weeks before you want them to flower. While growing amaryllis indoors, you should fertilize the plant every two to three weeks. ... $10.00. oz. Place a small amount of potting mix in the bottom of the pot. When planting an amaryllis bulb, select a pot which is approximately 1 to 2 inches wider than the diameter of the bulb. Growing Instructions for Amaryllis: before planting, immerse the bulb in lukewarm water for an hour; this encourages the formation of roots. Step 2. Step 3. Amaryllis are a tender bulb from Brazil and so need to be grown inside; frost-free when it’s cold, but once the frosts are over and the nights are no longer cold, they can be moved outside until the end of summer. These bulbs are stunning and come in a variety of colors including red, pink, white, maroon, and many more! (20-20” tall x 6-8” wide) Our ‘Athene’ Amaryllis Kit makes a wonderful gift! Amaryllis bulbs are a lovely and easy to grow bulb that come in a variety of festive colors. Planting. In frost-free areas, plant the bulb with the neck at, or slightly above, ground level.