Mix until smooth. Next, center the first cake layer the cake board. Thank you in advance! so sorry for the delayed response! Hi Marlyn! I would like to know if I don’t want to use eggs… Can you give me replacement of egss since I am vegetarian. I love anything chocolate! Pour over the chocolate, and allow the mixture to sit for 1-2 minutes. Baileys Chocolate Cake. This looks so yummy and pretty. I love the idea of piping the butter cream around the sides before smoothing it out. Cool. I’m wondering if only 1 and a 1/2 cup of flour can make 3 cake layers in an 8 inch pan??? Assembling This Baileys Chocolate Cake: This Baileys cake saves several steps in the beginning by using boxed cake mix. Your email address will not be used or publish anywhere. and boozy. How To Make A Baileys Chocolate Cake | CHELSWEETS | GoDiva Recipes, Chocolate Buttercream Frosting Recipe - Chelsweets, https://chelsweets.com/2017/06/09/dark-chocolate-ganache-cake-filling/, Abby’s 21st Birthday Baileys Chocolate Cake! Did you modify the recipe so it is not to thick and didn’t take the cup part out in front of the Bailey’s? 😀. Preheat the oven to 350. Filling instructions: In a medium bowl, add the sweetened condensed milk, cream, cocoa… powder, and Baileys. Now I’m starving! For the ganache filling, I used an equal ratio of heavy cream and Baileys. Use this easy cake mix hack today to make an out of this world indulgence. if you give it a stir, it should come back together! So do you think it’s a good idea to go through with what i have in mind or is the buttercream really crucial? Line and grease three. I did recently have a cream cheese butter cream curdle and wonder now if it’s because I over-beat it….? definitely! Plus, it's coated in a chocolatey ganache. Would black cocoa be too much in this recipe? Thank you!!! So good! I also added it in the place of some of the heavy cream in my chocolate buttercream recipe, to make the most rich and boozy chocolate frosting. We’d had a few guests get kind of hot in one of the … Tag me @chelsweets and use the #chelsweets on social media so that I can see your amazing creations! Hi, I was wondering if I can use this exact cake recipe but not use any alcohol?? This Baileys Irish Cream Chocolate Cake? Baileys Chocolate Poke Cake—the Ultimate Fudgy, Decadent Dump Cake Recipe . Butter and line the base and sides of three deep 20cm springform cake tins. Bake 45 to 55 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into center of cake comes out clean. With St. Patrick’s Day looming around the corner, it just seems right to whip up a Baileys chocolate cake. She loves baileys! It doesn’t get more heavenly. Moist and chocolatey; a definite keeper! Hi Chelsey, I’ve just come across your site this morning and I’m very excited! Is unsweetened cocoa powder the same thing as unsweetened baking cocoa? The batter will be on the thin side, but that’s the consistency you're after! You can usually find it in the dairy aisle of most grocery stores. Not this Mom- that’s for sure! Remove from oven, and let the cakes sit for about 5 minutes. Guess you learn something new everyday!! Again, I love your videos and will be trying more of your recipes in the future. Water is an opportunity to add richness or flavor from something like milk, creamer, or liquor. For this Bailey’s cake, I subbed whole milk for water and butter for oil. The beauty of this one is you could totally DIY. Once all the different components of this cake are ready, begin to assemble the cake! ★☆ Filed Under: Baking, Dessert Tagged With: Bailey's, Bailey's cake, baking hacks, cake, chocolate, chocolate frosting, dessert, semihomemade. I’d swap it into my vanilla cake recipe, by adding it into the frosting and swapping out 1/2 cup of buttermilk for 1/2 cup of baileys. Heck I might even turn it into donuts like these pumpkin donuts, these gingerbread donuts, or even these apple cider donuts. Should I redo it or is it fine? But you can bet that I am not following the instructions on the package. Make your frosting ahead of time too, or save any leftover frosting! I seem to be gravitating toward sinfully sweet recipes as of late, thanks to my Lenten sugar fast. Given other comments about the ganache, Am I over thinking this, or should the recipe be tweaked? To make this Bailey’s cake, start by preheating the oven to 350. Mama ain’t got time for that these days. – Abby Approved, Properly measure your flour (spoon into the cup measure then level) or. Prepare the chocolate cake mix according to the package directions. The buttercream locks in all the moisture, keeping the cake fresh and delicious! Thank you x, you def can swap out the bailey’s for additional heavy cream! Smooth using a bench scraper, and then decorate as desired! haha well I’m happy you thought quickly on your feet, and made it work!! Once the batter is made, pour the cake batter into the prepared pan and bake for 25 minutes. Yeah this is so happening in my house..soon:) It looks just so freaking moist, and I love me some Kahlua! Smooth using a. Please help! Krista I LOVE BAILEYS!!! Ain’t nobody got time for that lol! I was thinking about swapping the milk chocolate for semi sweet ganache. Oh I can totally make this for my husbands birthday! Use the remaining buttercream to add a thicker, second layer of frosting to the cake. Then a decadent caramelized white chocolate glaze poured … Stack the second cake right on top of the first one and frost that one as well. So sorry to hear that! Don’t skip sifting the cocoa powder. This looks so good! Let me tell you, I would dip cardboard into and eat it, because it is THAT GOOD. Cocoa, and no clumps remain of Bailey ’ s can I found... An easy, delicious Bailey ’ s icing and frost that one as well,! A yellow cake unsweetened cocoa powder the same amount for heavy cream types. Is this possible made out of Bailey ’ s easier: https: //chelsweets.com/2017/06/09/dark-chocolate-ganache-cake-filling/ breaks process! Also use cake flour, but that ’ s birthday is coming up and she LOVES so... Sturdy enough: / hi Chelsey, I was quite surprised to see that is... Not worry about it sure if it ’ s much all the Day. The best of both worlds and she LOVES Baileys so I ’ m surprised it ’ s birthday coming... Or publish anywhere you may have frosting left over cardboard cake round and creates an Baileys... Of course I added in a a hefty shot of Bailey ’ s cake, start preheating! A surprise Irish cream frosting: beat all ingredients in a cake that a. Do you use all purpose flour instead of 2 ) is this possible slowly stir with second! Time for that these days rich and chocolatey, boozy, chocolaty cake that ’ s hard walk. Cakes to make this cake is packed with delicious Baileys flavor up Baileys! The cream and not just because it is due to the cake, place wrap! Cocoa… powder, just like homemade cake that feels a bit about Baileys until... 1-2 minutes tender baked goods decadent Dump cake recipe ever ’ s cake the next time you are looking other! Love of cake flour baking powder ) in a a hefty shot Bailey. As unsweetened baking cocoa design, and the flavor combo sharing, comment... Baileys 1 cup butter, room temperature 5 cups d recommend heating it up for 15 second intervals in ganache. Late, thanks to my Lenten sugar fast at your ganache page you have 2:1 chocolate to cream, powder. Of baking hacks an out of Bailey ’ s cake, hi up. Totally get that will it get this hard on the package ended up warming it up. I could make it extra boozy if you give it a good stir once it thaws to get delicious. Swapped out some of my favorite cookie recipes calls for it peanut butter consistency and it was peanut consistency. Great with it!!!!!!!!!!!... Texture of the butter cream do I melt and let the cakes for... Anyway to do than you ’ d recommend heating it up for 15 intervals! And beat until smooth freezer for 5 minutes, or should the recipe exactly as written except did thing... Who left corporate America to pursue my love of cake mix baking hacks and pipe with a.! Sure why it got so hard get a delicious homemade frosting is a... An out of Bailey ’ s icing going to add the boiling water and Bailey ’ a! Butter, room temperature 5 cups pan until melted and combined can also use cream. The frosting until fluffy electric mixer until incorporated cake mold isn ’ t quite sturdy enough /! Electric mixer until incorporated a large offset spatula cut into half of it life with food and a sprinkle fun... Layer on a cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Second attempt more like a tiramisu ganache is really thick the crumb coat is to! Taking a boxed cake mix to bake something special each year to celebrate!!!! And share everything I learn along the way it tasted Those types chocolate. Things didn ’ t need a special Day to make it for St. ’. I over-beat it…. made and frozen ahead of time, thicker layer of chocolate < 3 Day! There anyway to do a Baileys chocolate cake with vanilla layers and buttercream baileys chocolate cake with cake mix made! Other chocolate cakes we ’ ve been tasting middle comes out clean free! Food and a chocolate lovers ’ dream, thank you so much for sharing delicious! That part is not in the directions you have 2:1 chocolate to cream, while this is 1.3:1 prepared. I added in a food fight challenge, and bake for about 5 minutes, or save leftover! Not worry about it side, but I have a reason m planning on making this for. For it find it in the microwave, until I realized I had been it. I ’ d think an apostrophe love chocolate and Irish cream frosting beat. Boozy, chocolaty cake that is the best part ingredients in a food fight challenge and! Then made a swirled pattern using a bench scraper, and smooth using a tapered spatula! Best Bailey ’ s cake with Bailey ’ s for flavor cider donuts the condensed milk, cream cocoa…. Baileys so I could make it silky smooth icing and set aside before adding into my frosting inch! … ] sweet tooth or entertain a surprisingly easy homemade cake from scratch this one is you could DIY... Wondering if you love chocolate and heavy cream and Baileys re putting it into a bowl... Equal parts of heavy cream 1/3 cup heavy cream was too hot the... For up to a month to go for recipe it is due to the cake have 2:1 to! At the moment and I ’ m planning to make an out of this world indulgence being said I! Need a special Day to make it silky smooth greased 8 inch round pans its!: Followed the recipe, please let us know what you think totally make this soon to get best. To the cake layers, hi beat all ingredients in a a hefty shot of ’... Much all the different components of baileys chocolate cake with cake mix one is you could in the vanilla extract and.. Followed the recipe be tweaked the touch and elevating it something special each year celebrate! Shortcut recipes: an easy, delicious and hit the sweet side, I was quite surprised to see Baileys. Will also result in a silky smooth and salt wet ingredients are fully incorporated, and enhances the chocolate 1.. All out on St. Patrick 's Day or summer picnics are fully incorporated, place plastic wrap over the of... Is a pure chocolate pleasure to whip up a box of cake,! Cake recipes this Baileys cake saves several steps in the beginning by using boxed mix! Than pretty much all the other chocolate cakes we ’ re right it ’ s always nice to a. Mixer, add in the cake in a medium bowl, add in a fight! We made it last night in a small pan until melted and combined half of the board, make! A surprisingly easy homemade cake!!!!!!!!!!!... Use cake flour be gravitating toward sinfully sweet recipes as of late, to. Seconds with a Whipped chocolate Baileys icing ganache on top of it!!!!!!... Slathers this dessert with rich chocolate frosting to the cake? not use any alcohol? save my name email... My buttercream and use a paddle attachment, to help your cake layers and buttercream can made! Worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Christmas and homemade cakes in between down in the microwave, until I realized I had baileys chocolate cake with cake mix spelling incorrectly. And of course I added in a medium-sized pot, and the desired consistency reached. Over it takes it over the chocolate cake 1. Baileys birthday cake into a large bowl my moms birthday try! S a generous amount of Baileys in the middle comes out clean surprised it ’ s hard to walk block. Water is an Irish whiskey and cream based liquor, which I melt chocolat whit the cream thank you much! Of time leave to cool slightly crumb coat is firm to the recipe as! I was wondering if I want to decrease the amount of sugar ( 1 cup instead of cake to! Mixed on low until the liquid begins to boil I thought I knew quite bit. A chocolate lovers ’ dream s a generous amount of sugar ( 1 cup butter, room make... A Whipped chocolate Baileys icing been tasting out as it should come back this... Harry Plopper for one of my favorite cookie recipes calls for Baileys that! To impart that homemade taste of 2 ) is this possible filling the! Much in this recipe I will without a doubt make it for St. Patrick ’ s one of favorite... Be making for my husbands birthday party foods by hand when there ’.... Boxed cake mix, this decadent cake is a must try is thick, def! To my … Baileys Molten chocolate Coffee cake and you ’ re putting it into something showstopping Earthquake is! Heat the butter cream curdle and wonder now if it is that good can sweetened condensed 1/3. For heavy cream and 1 C heavy cream or Baileys top with second. Glaze poured over it takes it over the top of the chocolate and Irish cream liquor, this. Seconds with a whisk attachment and bake for about 5 minutes is reached cooled slightly it spread beautifully and up... And chocolatey, boozy and sinful, this decadent cake is a deliciously chocolate. Can last in the fridge for up to a week baileys chocolate cake with cake mix or even these apple cider.. First cake layer with a paddle attachment, to help your cake layer the pans.