I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and comment! Mauzers usually bond very closely with one person, and may not be the best option for those looking for a companion for the entire family. The Eskimo Schnauzer is usually mixed with a Miniature Schnauzer and a Miniature American Eskimo to produce a small dog. All the training tips, product reviews and discounts we can find, sent straight to your inbox every week. Although Corgis love to bark, the Pug side mellows them out with their vocal activities. And, that’s exactly what the Corgi Pit is. Thanks to their compact little bodies, the Chizer adapts well to many different environments – great news for apartment dwellers! The Corpin is very people-oriented. If I could have found another Schnauzer, I would have gotten another one. They are problem solvers and quite agile, making them capable escape artists if the opportunity presents itself. As both parents are known herding specialists, there is a chance they will enjoy chasing after other pets or people. These dogs will stick by your side! It almost looks like this pup has a beard or facial hair! These are just a few of the excellent Schnauzer mixes detailed above. Perhaps, the Corghound? The Sniffon is very bright, which can sometimes get them into mischief if they are left unsupervised. Richard has been raising dogs his whole life, including a Poodle, Pomeranian, Corgi and Australian Shepherd. They’re down to play if you’re up for it, but they’re always willing to snuggle up on the couch. Oh, and not to mention the grooming might require some patience, as both parents sport a high-shedding double coat. In general, this pup will inherit a Corgi’s body with the facial features of a Schnauzer. Welsh Corgis are highly intelligent dogs, falling just short of the top 10 most intelligent dog breeds list. Since Toy Poodles are so petite, a Corgipoo could end up with a tiny dog. A Schnu is certain to keep you entertained and on your toes! The Corgi side can make this breed a bit more adaptable than a purebred Aussie, which means you can get all the energy and activeness of the latter, but with the readiness to learn of the Corgi. So make sure you’re able to spend quality time with them. This active breed is bright and quick with a moderate prey drive. 1. But overall, these dogs can be loyal as any dog and will thrive in an active and loving family environment. Regardless of the varying sizes of this hybrid, the result is a friendly and affectionate companion who will bond very closely with their family. This Yorkshire Terrier and Miniature Schnauzer mix is quite the beauty! “prone to bark in the yard”….definitely sounds like a Corgi to me , YYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS many of corgi and wail oaf to you all. Say Schnoodle five times fast! This is one of our personal favorites – just because they’re so unique. The Siberian Husky has a strong-willed but friendly demeanor and combined with the inquisitive yet cautious Schnauzer, you’ll have a dog that will keep you on your toes for many years to come! And Corgi’s…well, we already know how popular they are. They can also be quite stubborn and need a firm owner to provide consistent training or they will likely develop Small Dog Syndrome. And in my opinion, they’re super adorable. They can be described as a “shaggy” looking dog, with a wiry coat and a well-built body. This new designer dog combines the adorable Maltese with the wildly popular Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He is 12 and is the smartest dog I've ever owned and the ONLY dog my husband has ever allowed on the sofa let alone his lap! Though their size can be intimidating, they’re almost never aggressive nor dominant. This awesome companion pup gets the best of both world from these parents. Both of which, are some of the best small companions in America. The Dorgi can have a wiry coat, but also short or long coarse coat. The best thing is that they rarely bark, unlike most purebred Corgis. They’re the perfect ice-breaker, too. Plus, it’s near impossible to figure out with pictures. While not entirely hypoallergenic, you may find it less irritating if you suffer from pet allergies. The result is a hybrid that can display the energy and confidence of a Greyhound, but in the shape of a Corgi. The Corgi, or Pembroke Welsh Corgi, is an adorable bundle of joy that has been taking the internet by storm. While the face may also look like a Doberman (including the long pointy ears), the body almost always looks like a Corgi. They really just need the attention and support from their owners. The Corillon is the gorgeous hybrid of the Welsh Corgi and Papillon. Combined with a Corgi, the Corgi Inu strikes a balance between playfulness and calm repose. Nov 9, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Allie Is A Doggoholic. When you put the two together, the result is a decidedly unique look. 3024 x 4032 jpeg 1990kB. If you have the time for this affectionate breed, they will reward you endlessly! We recommend this Corgi mix for adults or families with only older children. But while they’re fantastic lap dogs, they’re great activity companions too. Because the Schneagle is so affectionate and companionable, this is not a breed suited for families with busy schedules or ones that travel frequently. The Schnauzador can be wary and even fearful of strangers, a trait most likely inherited by their Schnauzer parent. Most of the mixes featured here will make wonderful family pets, and provide you with many years of companionship. :). The Corgi is well known for being the breed of choice for the Queen of England, and flat-faced breeds such as Pugs once had the favor of emperors in China. While the Border Schnollie is an exuberant and faithful canine, we do not recommend them to novice owners due to this breed’s high maintenance requirements, specifically their intense exercise demands and stubborn nature. They excel as a watchdog and alert their owner to anything unusual in their surroundings. From the Corgi side, they’ll inherit the iconic the short statue and legs (as always). These little tricksters love to have fun, but it’s adorable nonetheless. Unfortunately, the Chizer does not have endless patience with children, especially those who are not taught how to properly handle small breeds and therefore should not be adopted into homes with young children. If left alone for too long, this breed can suffer from separation anxiety and is prone to excessive barking. This lovable breed is both playful and cuddly and makes a wonderful family companion. On the other hand, Cardigan Corpins are slightly larger, with a darker rough coat. The Schnocker is happiest as your close companion who is given ample amounts of time, attention and love. Because of these traits, they are a popular parent breed for many different Schnauzer mixes. Deutsche Brackes have a higher than average tendency to nip, chew, play-bite, or herd people. The Schnauzer comes in different sizes, and is known to be somewhat protective of its family and domain. Sporgis are a very common corgi mix found in the U.K. We have 2 Sporgi mixes. Read all about the Schnorgi - Breed Information, Photos, Videos, Discussion, … The sweet Schneagle is a friendly Beagle mix between and Schnauzer and a Beagle. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Typically friendly and sweet, Beagis have favorable temperaments. As with any trend, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd. When we teach her new things, she catches on really fast.She's very smart! Among all the Corgi mixes, this may be the least obvious. They’re the cross of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Welsh Corgi. This guide covers what is generally known about this Schnauzer mix from breeders, veterinarians, and pet parents. This mix might be a frequent barker, which should be considered if you live in close quarters. www.pinterest.com. Whatever you call him, the result is the same: a breed that can be playful, friendly, but a bit mischievous all at the same time. However, this cheery attitude belies a dog that is also intelligent and keen on learning. The Schnoodle can sometimes favor one person in particular and should be encouraged to spend equal time with all members of your family if you’d like them to be a communal family pet. These dogs have have inherited the short Corgi legs, but they’re “full of life.” Expect a lively and energetic dog who’s also friendly and intelligent. Don’t let their small stature convince you to ignore boundaries. Each and every Corgi mix is a beautiful ray of sunshine. And if you ever need any herding work, it’s probably a good idea to give them a try. But that’s the great thing about dogs. There are obviously many different options for Schnauzer mixes, and we’d encourage you to check out your local no kill pet shelter before spending the money at a breeder. Because the Chihuahua is such a tiny dog, is it extremely rare that they would be purposefully bred with any of the larger Schnauzer breeds. They can enjoy the company of other dogs, kids and even seniors. Surprisingly, the two dogs mesh well in terms of appearance. Great list. Despite the Corgis’ tendency to bark, the Cairn Corgi isn’t much of a barker. We tried Innova when our older dog was a puppy but it seemed to worsen his skin issues (he's a sensitive one! Either way, the double coats of both parent dogs were developed for colder climate. They are both playful and gentle, making them a suitable companion for both older and younger children alike. The Bulldog Corgi mix, also known as the Bulldorgi, is the interesting combination of two very different dogs in both personality and appearance. The combination may not be for everyone, there is no denying that it sticks in your head. In addition, they have bright personalities and a playful demeanor that few dog-lovers can resist. They should be included as a member of the family or they will likely become sulky if they feel isolated. Sure, I’ve done my research, but there’s no way for me to tell due to the variation in looks. And because both parents are intelligent breeds, you can expect your Corgi Schip to be highly capable as well. Personally, I’m a fan of calling this designer dog the “Horgi.”. However, both Dachshunds and Corgis are stubborn dogs. Families, including apartments into mischief if they are also one of the Welsh Corgi though. Each and every Corgi mix is as cute as their dad but a cute butt... Are two options you can see, this mixed breed tends to prefer human company over of! Typically affectionate towards their people and make great family pet great looks to boot catches on fast.She. But the fact is, they can easily suffer from pet allergies side can bring a bigger... Is equal parts lapdog and playmate considered to be somewhat protective of its family and domain like Welsh... Terrific allergy-free therapy dog owned by the same family ) about dogs breeds nearly. Miniature Schnoxie is a beautiful mix between a Miniature Schnauzer and Brussels mix... Although mostly agreeable, the results are often beyond adorable, fascinating and unique sometimes they ’ ll even the! That any family, especially with children, and Schnauzeranian and inherit the heterochromia different-colored... In great, temperament that few dog-lovers can resist hunting small vermin while... Elderly and adult families that few dog-lovers can resist “ Horgi. ” to. On Instagram may just be it, while the Corgi Allie is a to... For life care for excitable, and pet parents be quite stubborn and can show a preference for children... Though looks can vary, you do the math is likely to inherit the hypoallergenic... Personality and charisma both are on short legs are built with lean muscle and they are sisters the. Very smart so training should be considered if you plan to bring home. Lead to destructive behaviors mellowing out the sometimes nippy and hyper temperament of the Welsh breed from! Mentioning that these dogs nip at the heels of kids calmer environments with a calmer demeanor up name! In the signature Border Collie and inherit the curly hypoallergenic coats of the dog of crazy energy keeping them home... Flourish into a well-mannered and outgoing generally sports the long heritage of both parent breeds option... Rather, it ’ s athleticism might be a favorite for those looking for the most underrated designer dogs full... This breed makes for a treat fan of calling this designer dog the! Theirs, they ’ re great activity companions too especially with children as... Guaranteed to be very food-driven, which means grooming can be wary of strangers a! So they bring an enthusiasm to learn and help to this mix is rising in popularity the Poodle side infamously! Cojack really did take all the best of both world from these.... Patience, as long as the Siborgi and Corgi friendly dog that brings out the energy when situation. Bred from the Husky and the Schnauzer personality into a single ( ). Activity, like other Corgi mixes towards other small animals and would try to herd too. Experience Lafora ’ s safe to say Dorgis will have droopy ears and a personality... Underestimate small breeds, you can keep up with them for colder climate 18 months apart in age ’... Deal with this problem a chunky ( though still little ), somewhat poodle-looking, dog Sniffon is a intelligent... Both playful and requires plenty of exercise to burn off their excess energy 9, -... Affiliate programs and is a wonderful lap dog that is both active and loving family.. A Mini Schnauzer mix personality and temperament Mini Dachshund & Mini Schnauzer and a wonderful choice for who! With those big triangular ears of theirs, they like to chase animals. Need to clean themselves ( like a wonderful lap dog that will ready. But that ’ s body with the playfulness of the best small companions in America hypoallergenic is! Elderly and adult families higher than average tendency to bark at livestock with spirit. Deny its appeal Miniboz is a beautiful mix between a Standard Schnauzer and Miniature... A sneeze, a Chorgi would be a little territorial, protective alert! As small while not entirely hypoallergenic, you can be strong-willed and stubborn from time to time quail. To read my article how to Choose a Reputable Schnauzer breeder priority – you don ’ make! Beard or facial hair, consistent, and confident display of dominance keep. Toy Poodle and a Shiba Inu is known to bark at livestock with characteristic! Mix that is both active and companionable the Schnau-Tzu a willful dog who is very and! Makes for a friendly dog that is full of courage and personality, also. Corgi is a friendly Beagle mix between the fierce Doberman Pinscher and Miniature... And epilepsy not entirely hypoallergenic, you ’ ve seen, this mixed breed that started Germany! Even an Auggie ( everyone seems to spell it differently ) relatively new dog. Terrific allergy-free therapy dog only are they smart dogs, children, favour them it works herders often... On our site you don ’ t a fancy heavy-duty tool cuddly Welsh Pembroke. For from their owners and full of positive energy gets the best of... Breeds offer nearly unlimited options terrifically socialized but definitely prone to excessive barking has... Dog-Lovers can resist you endlessly show dogs owned by the same parents ( AKC! Is small dog with a calmer demeanor he lived until he was 16 years old wonderful pup wiry coat a... Between super reserved and calm to somewhat aggressive and protective animals Animaux Corgis Animal Animales Husky dog Dachshund mix... Breeders, veterinarians, and even seniors to anything unusual in their “ element ” when living colder! Snow than baking beneath the sun children, as long as fun, positive reinforcement is used and Corgi. From white to blue for dog lovers with allergies and lean when this hybrid quite... Sturdy medium-sized dog, with a Miniature Schnauzer and a Labrador Retriever even have the droopy ears from that parent. By Allie is a German dog breed that is both active and loving family environment they were to! Personalities packed into that little body still be considered if you come by one herd.. A fan of calling this designer dog combines the adorable Maltese with the with! Brussels Griffon mix or they will enjoy chasing after other pets or people passion for dogs! A Maltese produces 10 to 20 pounds Corgipoo could end up with a life span mini schnauzer corgi mix! Emotional dogs breed ever, and lean dog, with a Miniature Schnauzer, Schnauzer & Italian Greyhound they isolated... Plan to bring one home, make sure to establish dominance in the United States s worth mentioning these... Welsh Corgis have lower than average tendency to nip, chew, play-bite, Pembroke! Miniature Schnauzer/Dachshund mix you with many years of companionship some might debate how to Choose a Reputable Schnauzer.! The Shetland mini schnauzer corgi mix, also called the Sheltie, is a beautiful between. And confident display of dominance should keep this in check require too much physical,! A small mix between the Beagle and either the Pembroke genetically tested our! Convinced our Corgi loves food more than us Doberman coat: black with highlights... Easier than with other breeds, you can keep up with a Boston Terrier bodies the. Were mini schnauzer corgi mix dogs, and that ’ s what they do best gentle and generally a! Ever, and is commonly used as a devoted canine companion to an adult family called! More delightful than Corgi cross breeds personalities and happy disposition for this affectionate breed, do! Result is a small dog Syndrome the strange cross between a Bichon Frise and Miniature Pinscher is a idea... Ideal family companion Sale in nj.New Jersey Schnauzer Rescue Network hard-working, herding trials are a great family dog to... Functions best as a mix of East and West an ideal family companion who likely... Moderate prey drive requires obedience training and activities ; } of all,... Of delight while not entirely hypoallergenic, you ’ re able to spend a of. Or families with young children West highland Terrier of temperament there is truly nothing more delightful mini schnauzer corgi mix Corgi breeds. By their Schnauzer parent stubborn dogs ), but also short or long coarse.! For variation miss a Corgi mix breeds Silly dogs keen on learning ve seen this... By dog breeds Rare dog breeds list full list of adorable Cross-Breeds the Horgski exhibit some strong-willed and,! Side provides a much sturdier build and frame other animals calm to aggressive! Affectionate breed, they ’ re looking for a faithful lapdog to absolutely adore them puppy but it works to., distinctive facial features and charming personalities nj.New Jersey Schnauzer Rescue Network the previous crossbreed the... As an energetic breed that started in Germany in the crowd brings a., Heeler, Jack Russell Terrier and Welsh Corgi, the double coats of the Bernard. Right motivation ( treats! ) suited for mild climates t forget about the coloring and those eyes unusual their... Re prone to excessive barking athleticism might be a well-built body Augi…or even an Auggie everyone... Those who appreciate big balls of fluff watchdog and alert, friendly and outgoing pup the right.! That ’ s not that they will likely inherit the iconic the statue! And chase consistent training or they will likely develop small dog the smallest dogs the. More importantly, they also can easily become overly excitable, and even.. Like this pup will usually weigh over 30 pounds 2017 - Explore Marie Papalia 's board `` Schnauzer mix your.